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We’re here to change the way Bharat shops, one supermarket at a time!

The COVID-19 pandemic struck the retail world with a seismic force, and the industry’s supply chains were disrupted to an extent never seen before. The rapidly shifting consumer demand left supply chains vulnerable, driving many companies to rethink their strategy.

As stores closed and customers moved online, retailers looked for…

Grocery Retail is a huge market with total global retail sales reaching a whopping $23 trillion (approx) in 2020.

Post-pandemic we are continually realizing the importance of a business’ technological maturity. The direct correlation between the growth and success of a business and its adoption of transformative technology is visible.

Let’s face it, retail is known to be a cut-throat industry, and overcoming its competitors is a direct link to any retailer’s abundant success. So then, what’s cutting edge in this game? Technology. Or rather, retail technology. The current retail experience has changed vastly from just over a year ago…


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